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What is a Podcast and how do I subscribe?

A podcast is rich media, such as audio or video, distributed via RSS (Really Simple Syndication), and provides updates whenever there is new content. You can listen to the files on your computer or load them on your media player.

To get started, all you need is a web-based podcaster, such as the ones listed below. You will then add the content feed to the podcaster by copying and pasting the provided URL into the software. The software will automatically check for updates and download the files to your computer.

You can also listen to podcasts without subscribing by clicking the Listen button below for streaming audio or by right-clicking and saving the MP3 file to your computer.

  • An exhibition in Jackson about muslim culture
    African-American Activist’s Promotion of Muslim Culture

    Rashid links the desire to enrich fellow citizens’ lives to her belief in Islam. She converted to Islam in 1976. Rashid was greatly influenced by the teachings of African-American Muslim leader Warith Deen Mohammed. Mohammed, who died in 2008, took over the Nation of Islam in 1975. Eventually, his organization became the American Society of Muslims, which promotes a positive image of Islam to Americans.

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    Copy and paste the subscribe link into the subscribe box of your podcaster to listen to this podcast, or click "Listen" below to hear it now.