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Press Releases

                                    U.S. EMBASSY BAGHDAD
                                   Office of the Spokesman
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                MARCH 20, 2012

Question Taken at the March 16, 2012 Department of State Daily Press Briefing

Iraq: Use of Iraqi Airspace by Iran for Arms Shipments to Syria

Question: Has the Embassy had discussions on this issue with the Government of Iraq?

Answer:  Ambassador Jeffrey discussed the issue of over-flights with senior most Iraqi officials over the weekend.  These officials expressed a commitment to ensuring that Iraqi territory and airspace would not be used as a transit point for weapons to Syria.

We encourage the Iraqis to take whatever measures they can to ensure the implementation of the appropriate United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.  We will continue to coordinate on this issue with the Government of Iraq on effective ways of enforcing the UNSC resolutions in place.