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Iraqi Passport Info

Frequently Asked Questions About the Iraqi S, M and N Series Passports

Q: Why did the USG take the step to invalidate S Series passports for travel to the United States?

A: The S series passport does not meet international security standards for issuance or design. Sub-standard security features and a lack of control over production and issuance make the S series passport extremely vulnerable to alteration, counterfeiting, and impostors. Because of its flaws, the United States has determined that the S series passport does not establish the bearer's identity and nationality as required under the Immigration and Nationality Act's definition of a passport.

The United Kingdom ceased issuing visas in the S series passport effective September 1, 2006, and as of November 15, 2006, no longer accepts the S series passport for admission.

Q: Why is my M or N Series passport now invalid?

A: The Iraqi government declared invalid all Iraqi passports with numbers beginning with M. The United States does not consider valid the N passport. Therefore, effective immediately, the United States may no longer issue visas in Iraqi M or N series passports and the Department of Homeland Security will stop admitting Iraqi travelers traveling on M or N series passports, unless they also have another valid Iraqi passport, such as a G or H series.

Q: Can I still travel on my valid nonimmigrant visa if it is in my M or N Series passport? 

A: Yes, though you must also show another valid Iraqi passport such as a G series. 

Q: Are there any exceptions for nonimmigrant visa applicants?

A: No. 

Q: What if I am a Green Card holder and I have an S, M or N Series passport? 

A: Green card holders may enter the United States without passports.  However, they will often need a valid passport to travel through countries on the way to the U.S.  Customs and Border Protection has information for green card holders entering the U.S.

Q: How do I get a new Iraqi passport? 

A: You must contact the nearest Iraqi passport office to find out how to obtain a G or A series passport. 

Q: What if I applied for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa with my S, M or N Series passport, but my case is undergoing administrative processing? 

A: You must obtain a new A or G series passport before a visa can be printed and placed in your passport. 

Q: What Iraqi passports are valid for travel to the United States? 

A: The A and G series are valid for travel to the United States.