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2014 List of Holidays Observed by the Embassy

January 1 Wednesday New Year's Day US
January 6 Monday Army Day Iraq
January 13 Monday Prophet's Birthday Iraq
January 19 Monday Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday US
February 16 Sunday President's Day US
March 21 Friday Eid Norooz Iraq
May 1 Thursday Labor Day Iraq
May 25 Sunday Memorial Day US
July 3 Thursday Independence Day US
July 28-30 Monday Eid Al-Fitr Iraq*
August 31 Sunday Labor Day US
October 5-8 Sunday Eid Al-Adha Iraq*
October 12 Sunday Columbus Day US
October 26 Sunday Islamic New Year Iraq*
November 4 Tuesday Ashura Iraq*
November 11 Tuesday Veteran's Day US
November 27 Thursday Thanksgiving US
December 25 Thursday Christmas US

* These particular Iraqi Holidays are determined by the lunar cycle.
Exact dates must be confirmed by local authorities and are subject to