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Press Releases

                                    U.S. EMBASSY BAGHDAD

                                   Office of the Spokesman


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             March 7, 2012


Fact Sheet: Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation

A strong criminal justice system, including an independent judiciary, is vital to the future security of Iraq.  The United States and the Government of Iraq are collaborating to build capacity and further professional development in Iraq’s law enforcement and judicial institutions.  These programs will help Iraq take on corruption, transnational criminal threats, terrorism, trafficking, organized crime, drugs, and other crimes that threaten Iraq and its people.

Areas of Cooperation

  • Support Judicial Security and Development:  The USG is providing a wide range of support to Iraq’s judicial system, including armored cars, other security equipment and training to improve judicial security, and cooperative training and continuing legal education programs with the High Judicial Council.
  • Law Enforcement Assistance:  The USG provides advisory and technical assistance as well as training to support the efforts of the Ministry of Interior and police services to develop leadership and technical skills critical to managing and sustaining internal security operations and supporting the rule of law.  As part of this program, 120 members of the Iraqi Police will travel to the U.S. over the next three years to participate in an exchange program for leadership development. 
  • Continue to Improve the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s Ability to Track Crime:  The USG will help Iraq implement systems that will expand the Advanced Responder Network, Iraq’s equivalent of the U.S.’ 911 system, to 70 percent of the population, and provide operator and maintenance training for an electronic biometric database.
  • Provide Modern, Digitized Land Titles to Iraqi Property Owners:  The USG is providing $5.8 million to develop a secure database for the Iraqi Ministry of Justice to modernize its real estate registry and digitize the over 100 million documents in Iraq’s 93 Real Estate Registry Offices.  This effort will add transparency to land titles and assure Iraqis that they have clear title to their properties.

Recent Accomplishments


  • Support to Iraq’s Corrections Systems:  In 2003, Iraq had virtually no functioning corrections system.  USG cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Justice Corrections Service over the past eight years has helped Iraq develop and professionalize its corrections system and enable it to apply international standards for the treatment of prisoners.
  • Anti-Corruption Institutions:  The USG has supported Iraq’s efforts to develop anti-corruption entities, including the Commission on Integrity (COI).  The COI played an instrumental role in the recent seizure of $217 million in Saddam-era funds in foreign bank accounts, aided by U.S.-provided training and technical assistance.
  • Judicial Training:  The USG has supported Iraq’s creation of the Judicial Development Institute (JDI), which reported that 967 students have participated in training courses so far this calendar year in 46 separate offerings covering twenty-one topics.
  • Money Laundering:  The US Department of Justice, with the Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance, hosted a Workshop for 35 Iraqi officials, who are preparing for Iraq’s first ever Mutual Evaluation by the Middle East North Africa Financial Action Task Force, which will occur in May of this year. The Mutual Evaluation will provide a benchmark for the government of Iraq in its development of a robust anti-money laundering system, and further the ability of Iraq to counter the funding of terrorism.